Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Roger Blough

The 833 foot Roger Bough entered  port this afternoon on a warm and windy summer day.

The Blough was built in 1972 by American Ship Building Co. at Lorain, OH U.S. It entered service in the year 1972 under the ownership of United States Steel Corp.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lost Horizon

Captured by the Duluth Inner Harbor Cam, the Philip R. Clarke left port at 5AM Sunday, sailing into a brilliant Superior Sunrise.

Keizersborg (Netherlands)

The 428 foot Keizersborg, from Holland, leaves port with a load of beat pulp pellets from North Dakota bound for Europe and Africa.

Harbor Traffic for Sunday 5/29/2011

Philip R. Clarke (US ) departed at 05:01
Mesabi Miner (US) arrived at 09:40
Paul R. Tregurtha (US ) departed at 13:30
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. arrived at 20:00
Mesabi Miner departedat 21:00

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Saturday 5/28/2011

Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. Van Enkevort (US ) departed at 03:49
Philip R. Clarke (US) arrived at 11:26
Indiana Harbor (US) arrived at 12:15
Keizersborg (Dutch ) departed at 15:45
Paul R. Tregurtha arrived at 21:30
Indiana Harbor departed at 23:00

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Edgar B. Speer Departure

The Edgar B. Speer heads through the Duluth Shipping Canal on another trip across Lake Superior.

The Edgar B. Speer was built in 1980, is 1004 feet long and flies the flag of USA
The Speer was built in two sections in 1980, one in Toledo and one in Lorain. She was launched on May 8, 1980. Her 20 hatches feed 5 holds where she can load 73,700 tons of cargo.

Harbor Traffic for Friday 5/27/2011

Isa (Cyp) arrived at 00:45
Mesabi Miner (US ) departed at 01:40
Quebecois (CA) arrived at 06:55
Alaskaborg (Dutch) arrived at 07:30
American Century (US) arrived at 10:10
Alaskaborg (Dutch) departed at 10:55
Cedarglen (CA ) departed at 12:30
Great Lakes Trader (US) arrived at 14:30
Mississippiborg (Dutch ) departed at 18:30
American Century (US) departed at 20:35

Friday, May 27, 2011

Algowood Depature

In the dark of night, the Canadian, 730 foot, Algowood slips under the Aerial Lift Bridge.

The self-unloading bulk freighter Algowood was built in 1981 at Collingwood, Ontario and named in honor of the community of Collingwood.

Harbor Traffic for Thursday 5/26/2011

Spruceglen (CA) arrived at 02:00
Mesabi Miner (US) arrived at 02:15
American Courage (US ) departed at 04:00
Cedarglen (CA) arrived at 11:25
Edgar B. Speer (US ) departed at 13:15
Spruceglen (CA) departed at 15:45
Mississippiborg arrive at 22:00

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hon. James L. Oberstar

The newly rechristened Hon. James L. Oberstar poses in front of the Aerial Lift Bridge for an evening picture.

Harbor Traffic for 5/23-24/2011

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. (US) arrived at 01:09
Paul R. Tregurtha (US ) departed at 03:36
Algowood (CA) arrived at 09:00
Alpena (US) arrived at 11:40
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. (US) departed at 14:10
Hon. James L. Oberstar (US ) departed at 08:10
American Courage (US) arrived Duluth at 15:55
Birchglen depart at 17:30
Algowood depart at  21:30

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Charles M Beeghly rechristened Hon James Oberstar

The Interlake Steamship Company renamed and rechristen the laker M-V Charles M Beeghly as the M-V Honerable James L. Oberstar in a ceremony today in Duluth.
The Beeghly, was actually re-named prior to the start of the current 2011 Great Lakes shipping season. The Oberstar is 806 feet long, with a beam of 75 feet and a carrying capacity of 27,500 net tons.

Night Departure

The Paul R. Tregurtha leaves the Duluth Harbor at 3:30AM on May 24th 2011.
The new harborcam can see at night.

Harbor Traffic for Monday 5/23/2011

Much of the traffic for the past few days has been hidden in fog and rain.  Not unusual for May in Duluth. Weather is clearing and boats once again became visible Monday afternoon.

Paul R. Tregurtha (US) arrived at 16:00 
H. Lee White arrived at 22:30

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Friday 5/20/2011

 Note:  The last part of the video is very fast---sorry about that, but, the cameras did not record properly.

Great Lakes Trader departed Duluth at 00:45
CSL Tadoussac (CA) arrived at 01:55
Algocape (CA ) departed at 03:00
Joseph L. Block (US) arrived at 07:50
American Mariner (US) arrived at 11:50
CSL Tadoussac (CA) departed at 12:35
Arthur M. Anderson (US) arrived at 16:20
Mesabi Miner (US) arrived at 17:45
Frontenac (CA) arrived at 18:00

Friday, May 20, 2011

James R Baker

The James R Barker heads out onto Lake Superior with a load of 52,000 tons of coal for Taconite Harbor.
The 1000 Ft. Barker was built in 1976 at a cost of 43 million dollars.

Emilie Leaves Port

The Emilie, sailing under the Panama flag, departs with a load of grain. The Emilie is a new boat on it's first trip to the great lakes.

Morning Glory

The early morning hours on the waterfront in Duluth is where God's creation displays all it's glory. A mixture of wildlife, color, land, temperature, sound and water mix together into a sight to behold.

Harbor Traffic for Thursday 5/19/20

Presque Isle (US ) departed at 02:20
James R. Barker (US) arrived at 08:55
James R. Barker departed at 19:00

Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Camera Info!

I have added the new Inner Harbor Camera to duluthharborcam.com. The camera will capture boats entering the harbor and enable us to enjoy daily harbor traffic as ships from around the world visit the Duluth Harbor.

As with most technology, there will be glitches and technical difficulties on a daily basis, especially with four separate cameras feeding one page.

Please be patient with me as I fumble through operation of the cameras and networks, I certainly am no expert at this, but, I do love watching the boats and sharing life on the harbor.

Don't hesitate to let me know when things are not working right, I won't take offense.


American Century Departure

The American Century departs on Tuesday 5/17/2011

Harbor Traffic for Wednesday 5/18/2011

Paul R. Tregurtha (US) departed at 03:45
Algocape (CA) arrived at 10:00
Herbert C. Jackson depart at 17:30
Emilie departed at 18:30

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



There are some exciting developments at duluthharborcam.com.

I will be adding a new camera that will take in a sweeping view of the Aerial Lift Bridge operation and the harbor area near the bridge.

The camera is located in a premier location atop the old LaFarge Cement Plant near Bayfront Park.

This state of the art camera will provide web sized images of the area and also higher resolution images that I will be posting for use as wallpaper images and prints.

I am currently working out bugs with the network system and expect to be adding the camera next week.

Also, by request I will be slowing the boat videos down a bit in order that you can get a better glimpse of daily harbor traffic.

I appreciate your comments and will continue to strive to make your visit here as enjoyable as mine.

Below is a re-published video from yesterday, in order for you to compare the speeds.

Best Regards,

Superior Morning

Daylight breaks early this time of year and just in case you missed it at 5AM, here ya go.  This photo was taken from my new web cam perched on top of the old LaFarge cement silo near Bayfront Park.

Harbor Traffic for Thursday 5/17/2011

Indiana Harbor (US) departed at 01:42
Federal Schelde (BWI) departed at 06:46
Emilie (Pan) arrived at 09:00
Quebecois (CA ) departed at 10:45
Paul R. Tregurtha (US) arrived at 16:30
Herbert C. Jackson arrived at 19:30
Great Lakes Trader arrive at 22:30
Presque Isle arrived at 21:45

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Monday 5/16/2011

American Century (US) arrived Duluth at 03:20
Algoma Olympic (CA) arrived Duluth at 03:39
Indiana Harbor (US) arrived Duluth at 11:00
American Century (US) departed Duluth at 15:00
Quebecois (CA) arrived Duluth at 17:10
Algoma Olympic departed at 21:00

Monday, May 16, 2011

Harbor Traffic for 5/14-15/2011

Frontenac (CA ) departed at 10:05
Mesabi Miner (US) arrived at 11:50
James R. Barker (US) departed at 15:30
Philip R. Clarke (US) arrived at 01:56
Mesabi Miner (US ) departed at 04:28
Philip R. Clarke departed at 19:30

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Friday 5/13/2011

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin (CA) departed at 01:30
American Spirit (US ) departed at 03:00
Federal Danube departed at 17:20
Victoriaborg departed at 21:00    
Frontenac arrived at 22:30

Friday, May 13, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Thursday 5/12/2011

Paul R. Tregurtha (US) departed at 01:00
Birchglen (CA ) departed at 03:55
CSL Tadoussac (CA) arrived at 05:45
Algowood (CA ) departed at 07:15
Victoriaborg (Dutch) arrived at 08:20
James R. Barker (US ) departed at 08:55
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin (CA) arrived at 13:40
CSL Tadoussac (CA) departed at 14:55
Roger Blough (US) arrived at 17:15
American Spirit arrived at 23:30

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Harbor Traffic for 5/10-11/2011

John G. Munson (US ) departed at 05:45
American Century (US) arrived at 05:55
American Integrity (US ) departed at 08:55
Arthur M. Anderson (US ) departed at 13:55
Federal Danube (Cyp) arrived at 16:45
American Century (US) departed at 17:35
Birchglen (CA) arrived at 18:10
Nogat (Cyp ) departed at 19:00
Australiaborg (Dutch ) departed at 19:30
Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. Van Enkevort (US) arrived at 00:54
Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. Van Enkevort (US) departed at 12:15
Paul R. Tregurtha (US) arrived at 12:55
Algowood (CA) arrived at 13:10
James R. Barker arrived at 19:30
American Mariner departed at 23:00
Canadian Enterprise arrived at23:30

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Monday 5/9/2011

Lee A. Tregurtha (US) departed Duluth at 07:10
John G. Munson (US) arrived Duluth at 08:50
Arthur M. Anderson (US) arrived Duluth at 13:12
Federal Danube (Cyp) arrived Duluth at 16:50
American Integrity (US) arrived Duluth at 19:00
Federal Danube departed at 21:00 Duluth Harbor to anchor off Duluth piers

Monday, May 9, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Sunday 5/8/2011

Mesabi Miner (US) arrived at 01:34
Atlantic Erie (CA ) departed at 10:00
Mesabi Miner (US) departed at 15:00
Nogat (Cyprus)arrived 17:30 and 17:45
Lee A. Tregurtha arrived at 19:00

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Saturday 5/7/2011

Atlantic Erie (CA) arrived at 02:10
Algolake (CA) arrived at 02:25
Joseph H. Thompson (US ) departed at 03:00
Algolake (CA) departed at 09:45

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Friday 5/5/2011

Philip R. Clarke (US ) departed at 01:00
Australiaborg (Dutch) arrived at 05:40
Saginaw (CA ) departed at 16:25
Joseph H. Thompson (US) arrived at 16:40

Friday, May 6, 2011

Australiaborg Arrival

The 500 ft. ocean going ship Australiaborg (Dutch) arrived this morning at 5:30AM to load grain for other world ports.

Harbor Traffic for Thursday 5/5/2011

Paul R. Tregurtha (US) arrived at 01:45
Cason J. Callaway (US) arrived at 04:35
Philip R. Clarke (US) arrived at 10:15
Mesabi Miner (US ) departed at 11:00
Cason J. Callaway (US) departed at 18:00
Paul R. Tregurtha departed at 21:00
Fraserborg (Dutch) departed at 21:30

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Wednesday 5/4/2011

Atlantic Huron (CA ) departed at 00:55
Canadian Transport (CA) arrived at 02:55
Canadian Olympic (CA ) departed at 05:25
CSL Tadoussac (CA) arrived at 14:45
Canadian Transport (CA) departed at 15:25
Blacky (Cyp ) departed at 21:45
Mesabi Miner (US) arrived at 22:30
CSL Tadoussac departed at 23:30

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Harbor Traffic for Tuesday 5/3/2011

John G. Munson (US) departed at 02:39
Atlantic Huron (CA) arrived at 13:30
Canadian Olympic (CA) arrived at 13:35
American Integrity (US ) departed at 14:29

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Header

The Canadian boats, Atlantic Huron and Canadian Transport entered the harbor together this afternoon for loads of coal and iron destined for locations down lake.

Harbor Traffic for Monday 5/2/2011

Fraserborg (Dutch) arrived at 06:29
Saginaw (CA) arrived at 14:45
John G. Munson (US) arrived at 16:15

Monday, May 2, 2011