Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Camera Update!

11:30 AM 2/17/2014 - The two Visitor Center cameras (Canal Cam and Bridge Cam) remain down due to an internet connection issue.  I will be meeting a cable technician  Wednesday afternoon to try and resolve the problem.

I will keep you posted.

If anyone using Internet Explorer browser continues to have problems with error loading messages on thos page, please comment to this post.  I have changed some page scripting that may help. Even though I don't really know what I am doing.


  1. I use IE for a browser & have trouble getting this page to download. It keeps giving me a message that says duluthharborcam has a long running script so will not load properly. & I can't get to any of the web cams.........Linda Hotger, Kellogg, IA

  2. Thanks for the explanation for why we can't view what is my favorite cams. Hope they get a repar soon. :)