Monday, March 30, 2015

Edwin H. Gott arrived Duluth 03/30/2015

The 1000ft Edwin H. Gott arrived Duluth at 10:00 Monday morning


  1. hi.. dennis..why do boats have to have their there lights on even when there not in season?? like the sundew

  2. I am so glad I am not working full time right now, I can sit and watch these webcams like I am a traffic controller switching between cameras. I have a feeling when it gets real busy with boat traffic I'll spend too much time catching the action on the cams, oh but gotta love it :)

  3. Looks like there is a pretty good sized gash on the Gott after watching it on the cams a couple times. Ice is a powerful thing as is water. Hope it's a fairly quick fix. Thanks Dennis the cams are amazing!!
    John T