Monday, March 9, 2015

Camera Upgrade Wednesday

This coming Wednesday, I will be replacing the Canal Cam with the new one that we raised funds for last December.  The image will be clearer with better dynamic range.

I will also be moving the camera mic into a better location to hear the announcements.

With any luck, it will be the best cam on the Great Lakes.

That said,  there will be a several hour outage while I make the changes.

Once again, thanks to everyone who donated to these projects.


  1. This is great news. We love to watch and sometimes don't understand the announcements.
    Henry and Sharon Klehm

  2. Thank you Dennis and all the people who made this possible!

  3. Dennis, I love you!

  4. Denny, what you do is awesome. I love this web site and watch it on a daily basis during the shipping season.

  5. Dennis: Great news about another new and even better camera. What has been down at the Entry has already been incredible. With the mic moving, will this affect the actual sound of the boats and other residual sounds? After a while the same speeches for the returning boats will be rather redundant. But some may say so are the whistles, but on that I would say, never. Thanks as usual for ALL the GREAT WORK!!

  6. Awesome! My three year old son and I love to watch the ships on these cams - second only to seeing them in person, of course. The current cams look pretty great while streaming on a HDTV, but these upgrades sound pretty exciting! Appreciate the dedication, Dennis!

  7. I'm excited about the changes! I look forward to the big boats to begin their entrances and exits....and hope the tall ships make it to Duluth this year. That would be epic boat-watching with these new live cams! :)
    Wish I could visit this beautiful city some day.

  8. The new camera looks much better full screen on my 23" monitor. Thanks Dennis and all good folks who donated to the cause!