Monday, February 16, 2015

Ice fishing on the Big Lake.

Now that the ice on Lake Superior is thickening up--Ice Fishermen are venturing out onto the big lake for the "Big Catch".
I sent the little photocopter up to take a quick look around. The fishermen are congregating off 21st Ave East, at least until the ice get's thicker further up the shore.


  1. Love the photocopter videos! How far offshore are the fishermen? How thick is the ice there?

  2. Julie,

    The ice is 18 in thick and the village is about 1/3 mile off shore.
    All of the ice houses are portable and can be moved quickly if the ice moves.
    The Game Warden informed me that there were only about 4 trout caught so far today.

  3. How fun was that to watch the fishermen via your little photocopter. Now I want one! LOL!