Sunday, November 25, 2012

Duluth Harbor Boat Traffic for Saturday 11/24/2012

Great Republic Arrival
Due to a strong cold front passing through the region, we had the first "Sea Smoke" appearance of the season.  The is a wonderful time of year for watching the sea smoke rise off the warm (relatively) waters of Lake Superior in columns of steamy fog.

Great Republic arrived at 08:49
Mesabi Miner arrived at 10:30
Ebroborg arrived at 21:20
Mesabi Miner departed at 22:15


  1. The 'sea smoke' is so eerie ... I almost expect to see the Bannockburn emerge! By the way, thanks for adding the boat traffic data to the right-hand panel.

  2. Oh, the photo is just gorgeous!! And I too thank you for the boat traffic info. =D

  3. I absolutely love this website! Not only are the photos (& webcams) wonderful - but, the stories & histories of the ships, peoples and the areas surrounding Lake Superior make it a place that I always look forward to returning to over & over again. Thanks again, Dennis - and thanks to all who help to make this so incredibly interesting...