Tuesday, April 16, 2013

John G Munson on the Move

So how do you move a boat that is more then 760 feet long that weights over 17,000 tons?
Very carefully - using two big tugs!
The John G Munson was towed from the Port Terminal to Fraser Shipyard today in order to undergo routine inspections and upgrades.
Two Heritage Marine tugs, the Helen H and Nels J,  pulled the Munson for 1.5 miles though the icy waters of St. Louis Bay using mariner skills that made the job look easy.


  1. how long is he going to be out of commission. as always, your pics are AMAZING! thanks again for posting, Dennis

  2. Lots of work planned, I would be surprised to see it this season.

  3. Did the Munson go into the drydock, or just one of the slips there at Frazier? Thanks, Mike

  4. Nice to meet you in person Dennis. Via my conversations with the GLF office it is quite possible for the Munson to sail later this season if cargoes increase or a different vessel goes down for repair.