Camera Status

This page lists current camera status and information

The Pier B camera is off line.  I will make sure to get down there and do some troubleshooting once it warms up next week.

Pier B Cam down --- I will be able to check it on 11/72016  -- Fixed 11/5

9/18/216 - 06:00
All cameras functioning.
8/17/2015 - 05:00
All cameras functioning.
8/15/2015 -05:00
All cameras working, but, often will not load.
Streaming company upgrade still causing loading issues.
Work will continue into next week.
8/14/2015 07:00
All Camera operating, 28% of folks still having viewing issues.
Waiting for streaming company to complete upgrade. A new player was released today, should be better.
8/13/2015 07:00
All Camera operating
Waiting for streaming company to complete upgrade.
8/12/2015 07:00
All Camera operating