Thursday, November 10, 2011

Duluth Harbor Boat Traffic for Wednesday 11/9/2011

John G. Munson departed at 01:15
John J. Boland arrived at 04:50
American Century arrived at 06:00
John D. Leitch departed at 08:20
John D. Leitch arrived at 09:20
Herbert C. Jackson departed at 15:10
American Century departed at 16:20
Great Republic arrived at 16:30
John J. Boland  departed at 22:20
John D. Leitch departed at 22:30


  1. Why did the John D Leitch depart and return within an hour?

  2. ohn D. Leitch came in 11/8 at 16:53 to unload salt at Cutler Salt in Duluth. Departed 11/9 at 08:25 to wash out holds in the lake. Came back in 11/9 at 09:20 to load taconite at Canadian National and then departed 11/9 at 22:45.