Wednesday, October 5, 2011

William A. Irvin Boat Museum

The SS William A. Irvin is a lake freighter which sailed as a bulk freighter on the Great Lakes as part US Steel's lake fleet. She was flagship of the company fleet from her launch in the depths of the depression in 1938 until 1975 and then as a general workhorse of the fleet until her retirement in 1978.

The Irvin is a little over 600 feet long and weighs about 8,000 tons unloaded. She could carry a load of approximately 14,500 tons of iron ore. One anchor weighs 3 tons while each link of the anchor chain weighs 40 pounds. One lid to the cargo hold weighs 5.5 tons. The Irvin was retired because it was small by modern standards. Currently, the iron ore boats are 1,000 feet long and carry loads of 50-60,000 tons.

The Irvin is now a walk through museum and is open daily during the summer season.
Read more about the Irvin Here

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