Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yiks! There is a Warship in the Harbor!

Well, not officially. There is an interesting story behind the American Victory which is now laid up at Fraser Ship Yard in Superior. 

The 730 feet long American Victory was built in 1943 and was immediately put into service as a tanker in support of the war effort.  During the Second World War the ship saw duty on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean as a tanker. She is credited with shooting down an enemy aircraft and was also hit by a Japanese bomber while refueling a destroyer in the Pacific.

Much like an old veteran from that era, the American Victory has seen better days, but, has a very rich and colorful history that makes it  such a valued part of our nautical heritage. 



You can read more about the American Victory at: Duluth Shipping News and Boatnerds


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