Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twilight Departure

The Arther M Anderson slips under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on another Lake Superior Voyage.


  1. I was on the boat last night. Couldn't ask for a nicer evening.


  2. Such a pretty boat. Nice pic, too.


    (Jealous of the Gilbertson family.)

  3. Have the leaves started changing yet? Looking forward to whatever Dennis has in store for those in Fall-Challenged areas i.e., the Gulf Coast. Will there be aerial shots like last year?

  4. Sara,
    The leaves are starting to change quickly on the ridges that are high and away from Lake Superior.
    Next week should be peak colors for the maples and oaks.
    I will be up on the North Shore photographing the maple ridges. If the weather cooperates, I plan to fly the little RC Helicam for some of the shots.
    The yellow aspens around Lake Superior should peak during the first 10 days of October.
    Everything seems to be on schedule.