Thursday, September 29, 2011

James R. Barker at Taconite Harbor

 As I was traveling the North Shore of Lake Superior taking Fall color pictures, I happened across the James R. Barker unloading coal at the Taconite Harbor power plant near Shroeder Minnesota.

Taconite Harbor has served for many years as a major iron ore facility on the North Shore. The harbor, the massive loading dock, and the railroad line are landmark structures that remind the visitor of the important role that the mining industry has played on the North Shore. Currently Minnesota Power Company has a power plant and owns a large tract of land at Taconite Harbor. The company is exploring development opportunities for its land and is entertaining the potential of ceding some land by Two Island River to the State for public use. Recently public access to Lake Superior has been provided at Taconite Harbor; a safe harbor and a boat launch have been built by the State of Minnesota.


  1. dennis, were you out on the breakwater for that shot?
    whenever i have been there, the weather has been horrible, so i don't get out of the car.

  2. Holly,

    No, just from the shoreline. It was a beautiful day!


  3. My Grandfather John H. Ravlin, owned the shoreline at the Two Island River. He was all ready to build a cabin there. He had an architect draw up the plans and my Mother still has the blueprints (made when they were really BLUE); His land was taken by eminent domain - or the threat of it. Grandpa was civic minded and when I look at the Massive dock, I think of him.