Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Columbus Discovers Duluth!

The cruise ship Columbus sailed under the Aerial Lift Bridge in the early morning hours for an eight hour visit to the Zenith City.  While the passengers woke to bright sunshine, they probably did not go on deck for their breakfast coffee, as the wind chill was a bit nippy at 25F.
 The 472 foot MS Columbus is a 15,000-ton, 420 passenger, luxury cruise ship. She was built in 1997, in Wismar, Germany. Her relative size allows her to transit the Great Lakes, one of the few modern cruise ships and the only German one able to do so. However, she is flexible enough to cruise worldwide as well, for example traveling the Mediterranean for cultural cruises. Her top speed is 16 knots.

Most officers working in the ship are native Germans who are well versed in English. In addition to this, the vessel also houses a full-time international crew of 170. The ship can accommodate up to 420 passengers.


  1. Your night shots are becoming habit-forming.

    Thanks much.


    (Any idea what the Tug Billmaier has been doing off the piers all day Wednesday? I'm sure it's not the case, but it looks like she's aground.)

  2. The tug is moving a crane and dredge platform around while working on additional rock cribbing.
    Gales of November storm are coming soon.