Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Duluth Harbor Traffic for Monday 8/29/2011

Hon. James L. Oberstar (US) arrived Duluth at 01:30
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. (US ) departed Duluth at 02:15
Drawsko (Pol) arrived Duluth at 06:31
Hon. James L. Oberstar (US) departed Duluth at 14:20
Drechtborg (Dutch ) departed Duluth at 20:35

Here, the Polish ship Drawsko enters the Duluth Harbor on a warm August morning to load grain.


  1. you must feel like a lottery winner each day with photo opportunities like these. thank you so much for "buying a ticket" and "sharing the winnings"

  2. Dennis you have so many nice photos that I use as my desktop photo and I change them several times a week because your webcam captures such beautiful sunrises and other interesting shots. Thank you for sharing these.