Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stewart J. Cort docks in Duluth for a checkup

The Stewart J. Cort, a unique 1000 footer, looped from Superior to Duluth for some quick maintenance this morning. The Cort seldom passes through the Duluth Canal.


  1. Why was it necessary for it to loop around if it was already in Superior?

  2. Actually, it's more than a check-up. Apparently there was a small explosion and fire in the engine room.

  3. I think this was just the 12th time in her life that the Cort came in thru Duluth. Over on the 'Nerd, there was some discussion that as she left the Superior piers, she developed some serious engine problems, causing her to turn around and need a tug's assistance.

    She's a great looking boat. Half old-school front-ender and half 'modern' 1000-footer.

    Great pics as always.


  4. Dennis: The Cort left at 5:15 this morning. Did any of the cameras catch her leaving?

  5. Kevin--I just posted a picture of the Cort caught by the Inner harbor Cam this morning.