Thursday, July 14, 2011

Duluth Harbor Traffic for Wednesday 7/13/2011

American Mariner (US) arrived at 05:00
Federal Nakagawa (HK) arrived at 06:38
Quebecois (CA ) departed at 13:35
CSL Assiniboine (CA) arrived at 14:05
CSL Assiniboine departed at 21:45


  1. Dennis: Do you have any stills of the Stewart J. Cort coming in from the inner harbor cam?

  2. Keven,

    Not yet. The Cort usually comes in the Superior Entry.

  3. Dennis: It came in under the bridge at 8:20 AM this morning. She is currently docked in berth #1 at the Port Terminal. I was wondering if the inner harbor camera caught her.

  4. Kevin,

    Just checked the Inner Harbor Cam. It recorded, but, did not record in high resolution.

    I'll post an image soon.

  5. Kevin -- maybe a bit better resolution of the Cort coming in the canal yesterday.