Monday, June 13, 2011

Harbor View from Enger Tower

With its spectacular harbor, cascading waterfalls, flowered parks, and green forests, Duluth has to be the most beautiful city on the continent. One of the best scenic vantage points to take in the entire landscape is from Enger Tower.

The five story, 80 foot, observation tower stands high on the hilltop and provides a sweeping panorama view 500 feet above Lake Superior.

This picture was taken by attaching my camera to a remote controlled photocopter and flying it up next to the tower.

Enjoy the view!



  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC! I agree about Duluth being the most beautiful city on the content. Wish I could get back to MN and live there some day. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. Amazing.Can you physically walk up to this now and observe from the tower? or is it closed to the public. Beautiful nonetheless!

  3. Dennis, could you please take another shot from this location about 90 days from now when the leaves change?