Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Century Departure

The American Century departs on Tuesday 5/17/2011


  1. Amazing photos recently -- looking forward to more! Have told lots of folks to check it out!

    We check the harbor cams every day to see what's up. Will be making a trip to Duluth this summer as this site has brought up many questions: what are the various docks loading? How many little busy tugs service the harbor--love watching them work. Do all the ships turn around to enter the river? What are the ships doing that pull up to the shore--my husband thought maybe getting fuel, I thought I saw a long stick reach up to the ship's deck for messages, maybe some workers get off for shore leave if they have a long wait until loading? Today there is a boat anchored off the lift bridge, waiting to come in -- will that happen a lot as the season gets busier, or is this peak season already?

    Several weeks ago, your video clips were used to help us "babysit" our 3 1/2 year old grandson in Tokyo. His Mom had to leave the room to tend the baby, so we entertained him on our weekly i-chat with the fun of the harbor and the lift bridge. Love it! So did he! Can't wait until he can come and see it in person.

    Thanks for the wonderful site -- keep up the good work! Even enjoy seeing what the weather is daily on Gitchee Gummee.


  2. The slow down is great. Like the pictures from the new camera.

    Thanks for all you post.

  3. Love the view from the new camera.

  4. Wow. Great view, great shot.

    Really looking forward to the new feed.

    Thanks for the site,


  5. Awesome that this new view has been added! thank you!

  6. If you look up the Duluth Seaway Port Authority they have a great deal of information about the docks and what they are loading. I'm not sure if I can post the website here but I know quite a few people that have been looking for more info. Dennis keeps coming up with spectacular photos for us to drool over.

    Here's the website of the docks if it's OK with Dennis to post it: