Saturday, April 30, 2011

About the 1000 footers

In response to Tom's comment, here is some more information about the 1000 foot Lakers.
The largest vessels on the lake are the 1000-footers. These vessels are between 1000 and 1013.5 feet long, 105 feet wide and of 56 feet hull depth. They can carry as much 78,850 tons of bulk cargo although their loading is dependent on lake water levels especially in the channels and ports. A dozen of these giant ships were built, all constructed between 1976 and 1981, and all are still in service today.
List of 1000-footers on the Lakes

    Bulk freighters (self unloaders)
        American Integrity (1000'x105')
        American Spirit (1004'x105')
        American Century (1000'x105')
        Edgar B. Speer (1004'x105')
        Edwin H. Gott (1004'x105')
        James R. Barker (1004'x105') 1st standard construction 1000-footer
        Mesabi Miner (1004'x105')
        Paul R. Tregurtha (1013'6"x105') Largest vessel on Great Lakes
        Stewart J. Cort (1000'x105') 1st 1000 ft boat on the Lakes
        Burns Harbor (1000'x105')
        Indiana Harbor (1000'x105')
        Walter J. McCarthy Jr. (1000'x105')
    Tug/barge combination (ITB)
        Presque Isle (1000'x104'7") Only 1000 foot tug/barge unit

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