Monday, March 28, 2011

Presque Isle Arrival

The Presque Isle, one of the thirteen 1000 foot Lakers, enters the icy Duluth Harbor in the calm twilight of a 32 degree evening. The boat will be picking up a load of taconite at the CN/DMIR Ore Docks.
FYI - This picture was taken from a remote controlled helicopter outfitted with a small camera and flown over the harbor.


  1. Absolutely stunning photograph. thanks

  2. This is remarkable!

  3. So, this would seem to mean that you are a good photographer and skilled at flying a remote controlled helicopter as well!

  4. I am intrigued by the idea you were using a remote control helicopter with a camera, would like to see a photo showing the model. Did you get it from Carr's?? A really neat picture to say the very least. These icy pictures lately are very interesting...thanks!!

  5. Jeff,
    The remote controlled helicopter is new platform for small camera.
    If you send me your email, I'll send you a spec. sheet on the copter.
    Best Regards,

  6. Dennis: Do you want me to send my e-mail address as a posting?

    Jeff H.

  7. Jeff,
    Please contact me by email at: