Monday, March 7, 2011

CGC Alder takes a crack at the harbor ice

When ice breaking begins in the harbor, springtime is not far off. The CGC Alder began operations today and the view of the first ship in the harbor for the season is always a welcome sight.
The 225-foot ALDER, is one of the most advanced vessels afloat, integrating the latest technological developments in computers, navigation, environmental protection, and remote monitoring systems.
The image below is my favorite for the day and I have added it to the Wallpaper Gallery as a free wallpaper download.
Click here to visit the Northern Images Wallpaper Gallery and follow the instructions to download the size that best fits your monitor.

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  1. Thanks for the photos. Can't wait for the season to start and to watch all your videos of the traffic. Hope you had time to enjoy your 'vacation'.