Friday, January 14, 2011

Season ends for Duluth shipping

 Thursday, January 13, 2011 - and Departures

Cason J. Callaway departed at 01:35
Paul R. Tregurtha arrived at 10:55
Paul R. Tregurtha departed at 23:00

Friday, January 14, 2011 - Arrivals & Departures
Presque Isle arrive at 5:30
The last boat for the season came under the Duluth Lift Bridge this morning at 5:30 when the Presque Ilse arrived.

Due to repairs and painting of the south tower of the lift bridge, it is now closed until March 15th, when ice breaking will begin.

There will be a few more boats entering the harbor through the Superior Entry, but, essentially the season has ended for the webcams.

If you need a boat fix, feel free to visit the archives. If you want to watch the construction progress on the bridge, I will zoom on the work zone.

The cameras will remain on through the off season in order to view the beautiful Lake Superior sunrises and other activity in the winter city.

It has been a great shipping season and I hope you enjoyed watching the boat traffic as much as I did.  I plan on operating in 2011 and look forward to spring thaw, right around the corner.


  1. Thank you Dennis for the enjoyable season of boatwatching from Minneapolis. Today i was watching the Roger Blough turning around in the harbor ice. Doesn't look like an easy job!!

  2. Ditto. I almost forgot how cold it was in Duluth. It was in the 70's here today in AZ.

    Have enjoyed seeing the shipping traffic this winter. Thanks!

    Dave in AZ

  3. Thanks for doing this. I love Duluth and the the boats, but am not able to get up very often.
    Your site helps me get my daily fix. Love the good nighttime viewing and action-that part is better than even being there in some ways. Looking forward already to March 2011.
    Warren from Mpls.

  4. Dennis-Thank U for all the energy & effort u put into this website.
    Enjoy the break and we'll see u in March :)

  5. Can you by chance describe what angle we're seeing on the Harbor Cam? I'm not from Duluth, but love shipping and your site, but I look on Google Maps and cannot surmise that cam's location. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for a great season of boat watching.

  7. FYI,

    The Harbor Cam is looking straight south down St. Louis Bay.

  8. Thanks for a great season. Will look forward to March 15th.
    Lynda in Michigan.

  9. Thank you for operating this website.

  10. Dennis, I add my thanks for all your work on your web site. I am here every morning. Now I can see the progress on prepping the tower for it's paint job. This has to be one of the finest spots around !

  11. This website is a labor of love and is much appreciated.
    Richard in San Francisco

  12. Thanks so much for doing this. It was fun to come to Duluth for Christmas and wave to my friends and family, and they enjoyed watching it. I look forward to watching the lake all winter and the ice cutters in March. What a gem we have in Minnesota.

  13. Many thanks for another fine season of boat watching. I have your site and AIS open for most of the work day. Keeps me happy in the Chicago 'burbs.

    Thanks much.

  14. Can someone identify the boat at the dock in harbor? I enjoy this site...check it often each. Thanks for the wonderful work you do for us, Dennis.
    Racine, WI

  15. The boat docked at the Duluth Port Terminal is the Roger Blough.

  16. Isn't that the John G. Munson?

  17. Love the Harbor Cam. It lets me see the waves and know if my son is surfing! They were surfing today, January 29, 2011. Here hoping for a quick spring thaw!

  18. I stand corrected. The Munson is docked in front of the Port Terminal and the Blough is tucked into the slip.
    Thanks for the heads up!