Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Harbor Traffic for 1/4/2011

 You will probably never see a 700 ft laker back through the the Duluth Shipping Canal, except for last night. Harbor ice is getting so difficult to maneuver through, that the captain of the Cason Callaway chose to back his boat through the harbor, under the Duluth Lift Bridge, through the ice filled canal in the dark of night.
An interesting feat to watch. Once out in Lake Superior, the Callaway motored over to the Superior Entry to load taconite at the BN facility.
Algomarine departed at 00:30
Arthur M. Anderson arrived at 00:45
James R. Barker arrived at 10:25
H. Lee White arrived at 10:45
Cason J. Callaway arrive at 19:00


  1. I saw that ship back out of the channel last night and was wondering what he was doing. I had no idea it had backed all the way from the dock. One would think backing a 700 foot ship from a dock in the dark, through ice, making a 90% turn, then steering through a channel would be a hard task. The Callaway showed us how it's done.

  2. How long will Duluth Harbor be closed for Winter? Will the cameras remain up during the off season?