Thursday, September 23, 2010

Harbor Traffic for 9/22/2010

St. Clair (US ) departed at 11:45
Joseph L. Block (US ) departed at 18:00
Joseph L. Block (US) arrived at 20:45
Joseph L. Block (US) departed at 21:35
Kaministiqua arrived at 23:55
Medemborg arrived at 22:30


  1. I noticed, watching the Duluth Superior AIS last night (9/22), that the Joseph Block departed Duluth in the early evening, made it roughly an hour down bound, turned and returned to Duluth. It did not not dock, but sat in the Duluth harbor basin for perhaps twenty minutes before turning around and again departing Duluth. My wife said, “Maybe they forgot something.” That would be an expensive ‘forget’. I wondered if it might be a medical issue or something. Does anyone know?

  2. bajaye----I noticed the Joseph Block return also, I will check into this and get back to you.

  3. I appreciate it. It was kind of a curious thing to see.

    Also, I really enjoy this site. As a boy my mom, who was originally from Duluth, used to take us to the park to watch the Lakers come in and out. Canal park wasn't so nice in those days. Nevertheless it was always such a highlight!


  4. bajaye----With regards to the Joseph Block-----It was a medical emergency. They docked at the Port Terminal for about and hour and then departed.